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I have a NEW post under “Mathyness” – a critique of a Pi-visualization mural funded by the Kickstarter community. Enjoy!

My dad and I are working on our first official (non-math) PodCast, which we hope to finish later this month.


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  • Hi Skye,
    Here is some very cool information and an idea for you to consider from a colleague of mine who ran a math text book publishing company.
    Will Parish

    I hope he’s using The Geometer’s Sketchpad to bring his visualizations to life! He gestures with his hands in the video and then shows something someone else built from Wikipedia. It would be great if he showed his own constructions. Here’s the link to Sketchpad http://www.keycurriculum.com/products/sketchpad.

    Funnily enough, when we created the new logo for Key Curriculum as a technology company we used Sketchpad to create a Pi-petaled rose or a graphic representation of Pi. Here’s a blog I wrote about it at the time http://blog.keycurriculum.com/2012/04/branding-isnt-about-math-are-you-sure-about-that/. There’s actually a math error in what I wrote, see if he can spot it 🙂

    If he gets interested in Sketchpad as a learning tool to express his ideas I can introduce him to some pretty cool people!

    Here’s a link to a PDF magazine all about Sketchpad http://gsp5.s3.amazonaws.com/GSP5_Spark.pdf. I think you’ll particularly like the Thai weaving village story on page 11. Sketchpad driving a local economy 🙂

    • Hi Will! Thanks for the comment. I checked out the geometer’s sketchpad, and it looks like a really cool way to visualize and demonstrate math concepts. My dad is going to buy the program and I’ll work on mastering it for future podcasts.

      About the pi-petaled rose, the video stated that 22/7 is equal to Pi, when in reality that’s only an approximation of pi. Is this the math error you are talking about?

      Are you a math teacher?

      Best regards,

      • Hi Skye! You found the math error! I’m a science teacher, but I have a mathy friend who told me about the error. Good luck with geometer’s Sketchpad!